TimTheTatman explains why Warzone should keep copying Apex Legends

TimTheTatman wants Warzone to copy Apex LegendsActivision/YouTube/TimTheTatman

Warzone players were pleasantly surprised to see the battle royale implement two popular features from Apex Legends for season 2 and TimTheTatman is demanding that Activision keep it up.

The addition of Apex-style Redeploy Balloons and Heat Shield-inspired items have been a huge success for the Call of Duty battle royale, a true sign that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Given all the controversy and drama Warzone has had over the years, it’s good to see that fans have finally found something to praise the devs for. And for YouTube streamer TimTheTatman, they need to keep it up.

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During a stream where Tim voiced support for the Apex Legends-inspired additions, the Complexity star explained why they should not only continue to rip from other games, but exactly what he wants to see copied.

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TimTheTatman weighs in on Warzone copying Apex Legends

After winning a match of Warzone and taking advantage of the new features, the streamer popped off declaring, “this whole Warzone copying Apex thing, I think just to summarize my thoughts on it: copy more!”

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He continued from there, noting that he wants CoD to copy Apex’s ranked system too. When a teammate suggested that time to kill should be copied too, however, Tim had reservations.

“It’s a little too much for me in Apex. But give me a ranked mode like Apex where you can fall out. I don’t like that you can’t fall out if you hit a certain threshold,” he added. “Get Iron Trials, that game mode – that time to kill 100%. With those balloons and let us buy UAVs.”

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Warzone gameplay next to Apex Legends gameplayActivision / Respawn Entertainment
Warzone fans are pleased with the additions from Apex Legends.

“I love these changes and I want more,” he praised. “Make this the best game you can.”

We’ll have to see what the devs have planned going forward and if they decide to implement even more features from Apex Legends. Considering how well-received the changes have been, hopefully it’s a sign of things to come for the battle royale juggernaut.

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