Warzone 2 expert uncovers “weird” Armor issue making you take more damage

Warzone 2 characters using armor platesActivision

Warzone 2 expert and YouTuber TrueGameData has uncovered armor issues in the battle royale, causing players with armor to actually take more damage from enemies.

Despite the initial hype and anticipation that surround Warzone 2, much of it has dissipated in the months since launch.

Reports suggest the player count has dropped much faster than was expected. There have also been a host of bugs and glitches affecting the average player’s experience.

Some of these have been related to damage, like a major issue uncovered by YouTuber JackFrags, who experienced multiple inexplicable deaths.

Now, statistician TrueGameData has uncovered yet more bizarre damage features, this time regarding armor in Warzone 2.

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Warzone 2 armor can actually increase enemy damage

In a January 19 YouTube video, TGD explained that reports from players and his own experiences prompted him to investigate damage in Warzone 2.

As a result of an investigation into how armor affects damage, he found that some weapons – like the M4 assault rifle – actually do more damage to enemies who have armor plates equipped.

His findings showed that the M4 did 18 damage per shot to enemies without armor equipped and 20 damage per shot when they had armor equipped.

This was not replicated on other weapons, which performed consistently whether hitting an enemy with or without armor. 

TGD said: “It is just confirmation that there’s some weird things happening and this is gonna cause even more inconsistent TTK feelings than we already have.” 

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It’s not clear which weapons are affected, but TGD theorized that it relates to some guns at some ranges, rather than being a “widespread” issue in Warzone 2. 

Regardless, it casts further doubt on the battle royale’s damage mechanics. TTK has been a major talking point since WZ2 launched, with plenty of players reporting that it’s too quick and feels incredibly random and inconsistent. 

TGD’s findings will only harden those feelings.