Warzone devs respond to FPS complaints from Xbox & PlayStation players

Vanguard, Modern Warfare, and Cold War Operators in Warzone CalderaActivision

Warzone’s Caldera map has been causing performance issues on PlayStation and Xbox, but developers have finally addressed the issue. 

While Warzone’s Caldera map is receiving mixed reactions from fans, the main problem surrounding the new map are the various performance issues. Not only does this give PlayStation and Xbox a disadvantage over their PC counterparts, but it can also lead to some incredibly frustrating deaths. 

This is especially true when the game’s frame rate tanks during crucial firefights or all-important clutch plays. Currently, console players across Xbox Series X and PS5 are finding that Warzone is no longer hitting the intended 120 FPS. Fortunately, the developers have now responded to this performance-based problem. 

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Warzone devs address console performance issues

new warzone caldera mapActivision
Caldera is currently causing FPS issues on Xbox Series and PS5 consoles.

One of the main advantages of current-gen consoles is their ability to reach higher frame rates than their predecessors. While Xbox Series and PS5 still can’t match high-end PCs when it comes to customization and visual fidelity, the increased FPS does help put them on a level playing field. 

After all, Warzone can get rather hectic. This is especially true in Caldera where the added jungle terrain, aerial combat, and player density can quickly tank your frame rate. Obviously, this can be a huge problem during firefights where quick reactions times are needed to gain an edge. 

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Call of Duty Creative Director, Ted Timmins, recently responded to the problem. “I play on Xbox Series X too so I’m in the same boat … Our comms team work super hard to keep our players updated for what is a very fluid and busy time right now. Thank you for your feedback and understanding.”

Since this response, the FPS issue on Xbox and PlayStation has been noted on the official Warzone Trello board. The developers will hopefully be addressing Caldera’s performance issues on current-gen consoles in the weeks and months ahead. 

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