Warzone devs respond as fans discover 2 new invisible skins

Jaret Kappelman
Warzone devs respond as fans discover 2 new invisible skinsActivision

Warzone players have been haunted by invisible operator skins that are ruining the game, but after discovering even more bugged ones, devs say they are working on a fix. 

With the launch of Season 1, players had the option of purchasing a battle pass with 100 tiers worth of rewards. The final tier grants an operator skin that has some supernatural powers.

This glitch was ruining Warzone as it would make anyone that using the Awoken Francis operator skin invisible and nearly impossible to spot.

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However, a January 5 update seemingly fixes this texture bug but players were quick to notice that more skins were starting to get the same features. Luckily, the devs are looking into this.

Warzone devs looking into invisible skin issues 

In a Tweet by Raven Software on January 10, the team said they are aware that certain skins are making players invisible in Warzone.

This comes after Warzone players noticed that two more skins were letting players channel their inner Harry Potter and put an invisibility cloak on.

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The skins in question are the Wraith and Weavers Dark Aether operators. These are causing players to look like floating heads when they are running around the map and when looking at some clips, it is hard to see them.

This isn’t the first time an issue with operator skins has popped up this season. Earlier, there was an issue with the Zeyna Paladin purchased skin that glitched out and transformed into a “strong woman.”

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Players are hopeful that Raven is able to resolve this issue as soon as possible so people can’t abuse this unfair advantage in Warzone. With the Season 1 Reloaded update expected to drop during the week of January 10, there could be a patch for this coming very soon.

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