Warzone players demand nerfs for “insane silent aim lock” planes

Warzone players demand nerfs for insane silent aim lock planesActivision

Planes have been terrorizing the Warzone Pacific era, mowing down players left and right without missing a bullet. Now, fans are demanding a nerf for the vehicle as they feel it’s giving pilots an aimbot. 

The Warzone Pacific update brought World War II-themed vehicles to the battle royale. This included the likes of tanks, cargo trucks, and planes.

These fighter planes have been extremely viable for getting high kills and if you were looking for a way to boost your K/D ratio then you’ve probably already spent a decent amount of time flying around the island.

However, players are fed up with these aerial vehicles as the community feels that these are cheat codes and give people aim lock.

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Warzone’s planes have given players a new way to go for high kill games.

Warzone players beg for “overpowered” plane nerfs 

One of the new mechanics added to Warzone included WWII vehicles, but one specifically, planes are allowing players to get cheap kills due to a busted feature.

In a Reddit post by ‘Wicked_wx’ this person believes that Caldera would be instantly better if Raven Software just removed planes from the game.

These flying machines have been terrorizing the island of Caldera for quite some time. They have a decent amount of health and unlimited bullets but the biggest problem comes with its aim.

One Redditor said they want to see a major change come to these. “Keep the planes but ditch the insane silent aim style lock-on mechanic they somehow thought was a good idea.”

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The community is annoyed by the “aimbot” that planes have because they think it makes it nearly impossible to get to cover fast enough before being mowed down from the skies.

Warzone pacific planesActivision
Warzone Pacific planes are really easy to use and get kills, which players think is due to a built-in “aimbot.”

Another issue caused by this is the length of games. Players are reporting that matches are stalling out because people are dying to planes on all sides of the map within the first two minutes.

This leaves most of the large map empty and players are running around for 10 minutes looking for an enemy. They think a nerf would help eliminate the priority that planes have in Warzone and help create a larger skill gap.

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