Warzone January 5 patch notes: Invisible skin fixed, Fire Sale changes, more


Call of Duty: Warzone’s invisible skin is finally gone. In a new January 5 update, Warzone’s devs fixed the glitched Francis Operator, tweaked the Fire Sale event, and included more bug fixes in the full patch notes.

After nearly a month-long reign of terror, the Pacific Battle Pass’s Tier 100 “Awoken Francis” Operator skin is finally being fixed. The outfit had previously ruined games and was even considered pay-to-win since it would turn people invisible past 35 meters.

In the battle royale’s first update since the devs went on holiday break, fixing the invisible skin appears to have been a priority.

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Alongside this highly anticipated change, the January 5 Warzone patch notes also revealed an adjustment for Fire Sales among other small fixes.

Warzone January 5 patch fixes invisible skin and changes Fire Sales

call of duty warzone invisible skin battle pass pacificActivision
Warzone was plagued by an Awoken Francis skin that was invisible from the neck down.

The “Awoken Francis” Tier 100 skin was rightfully a sore spot for Warzone players. On such a big map like Caldera, being invisible (outside of your glowing mask) is a major advantage that only BP-paying customers were able to enjoy.

With the January 5 update, that skin is now supposed to work as intended. Additionally, the devs have extended Fire Sale events so that they now last throughout the entire circle they begin during.

Lastly, the new update fixed some bullet penetration and visibility bugs on the map – as well as some problems with loadout drop locations.

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Warzone Pacific January 5 full patch notes

call of duty warzone pacific tier 100 skinActivision
Invisible skins have run rampant in Warzone Pacific.


  • In Vanguard Modes, the Firesale Public Event will now last for the entire duration of the respective Circle that it starts with.


  • Fixed collision issues with various elements across Caldera allowing Players to exploit/peek/shoot through them.
  • Fixed an issue causing every Loadout Drop to spawn at the exact same XY coordinates.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Awoken” Francis Operator Skin to appear invisible beyond a certain distance.

An earlier version of this article mistakenly said December 5 instead of January 5 and, having corrected it thanks to some helpful Facebook commenters – we apologize for the confusion.