Warzone’s invisible skin bug already popping up again despite new patch

Brad Norton
Warzone invisible skin in-game

Warzone’s controversial invisible skin bug appears to be back in effect despite the January 5 update that claimed to fix the issue.

Since Warzone’s highly anticipated swap to the Pacific-based Caldera map, one particular glitch has stood out from the mountain of issues. The tier 100 Battle Pass skin had been running rampant due to an invisibility bug.

Despite being labeled as “pay to win” and ruining its fair share of matches, it took three weeks before a fix was deployed. A January 5 update seemingly resolved the disappearing textures for the Awoken Francis Operator skin. 

Now, though, the bug may have spread to another skin; players have spotted a different Operator vanishing in thin air, no different to the previous glitch.

Playing through a Quads game in Caldera, Reddit user ‘andrewkbmx’ noticed something out of the ordinary. As they turned towards the sound of footsteps, they spotted a floating head in the distance.

Rather than the Francis Operator, this time it was the Wraith Operator that appeared partially invisible. Just their head, neck, and weapons appeared in-game. Everything else failed to load in.

As part of the Season 3 Battle Pass, this character was introduced all the way back in April, 2021. Almost a year later and only now is the skin disappearing across various lobbies in Warzone.

Despite the issue, the invisible parts of the skin could still be shot at. This led to an easy kill in one instance, though there’s no doubt others wouldn’t be so lucky.

Warzone 3 cover art
The Wraith Operator skin was introduced in Warzone Season 3.

There’s currently no telling just how widespread the new invisible skin is. It may be exclusive to just one platform or perhaps even a certain loadout is what triggers the bug. Developers are yet to respond and the latest glitch is yet to fall under their microscope, according to the official Warzone Trello board

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here if another fix is released. For now, you’ll have to be extra careful knowing invisible players are running amok once again.