Warzone console hack developer shuts down in major anti-cheat victory for Activision

Michael Gwilliam
activision shuts down warzone console hack

Activision scored a massive anti-cheat victory as the developer behind a new emerging Warzone console hack has announced they are shutting down development.

The hack, which featured auto-aim and other abusive elements, used machine learning to send inputs to a controller and only required those with the cheats to aim in the general area.

Originally, the hack was brought to light by watchdog Anti-Cheat Police Department, who warned that while the cheat was detectable, it wouldn’t be easy for developers to do so.

As such, Activision took action and began to remove the hack’s YouTube channels that advertised the cheats to players.

Now, on July 13, the developer of the hacks has announced they’re shutting down at the “request” of Activision.

“I will no longer be developing or providing access to software that could be used to exploit their games,” the dev wrote. “My intent was never to do anything illegal.”

The developer continued that the hack was never fully released and all promotional materials advertised it as “coming soon.”

Warzone console cheat
The console cheat used machine learning to send inputs to controllers.

“This type of technology has other actual assistive benefits, for example, by pointing a webcam at yourself you could control movements without the use of limbs. Unfortunately, because of its potential negative impact, I will not be developing it further.”

News of the hack’s shutdown was applauded by Anti-Cheat Police Department, who told Dexerto that its use extended to more than just Warzone and that any console game could have been at risk.

“Activision has made their stance very clear that they are not messing around, they went right for the head and stopped it from spreading or taking off,” they wrote. “Incredible.”

It also seems as if this cheat creator won’t be a problem again. When asked about a potential rebrand, Anti-Cheat PD replied, “he would get chased by the ends of the earth. This provider was the only one with a successful Computer vision type cheat that was emulating console inputs.”

“I am sure Activision has done their research before pursuing legal actions,” he noted.

While this victory in one battle against hacks is a solid W, the war continues. Most recently, a couple of new cheats are giving players unlimited UAVs while hackers are giving random users all gun camos and attachments.

Activision may still have their hands full, but at least they were able to stop a new wave of console cheats before they got out of control.

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