Players slam MW3 as cheaters still ruining matches flowing ban waves

Declan Mclaughlin
Soldier firing behind a Riot Shield

MW3 players are coming at the game’s developers and anti-cheat system, claiming their matches are still full of cheaters even after a massive ban wave.

Team RICOCHET, the anti-cheat maker for Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare 3, implemented multiple ban waves on March 25 and said it banned over 28,000 accounts.

MW3 players, however, say they are still running into cheaters who are ruining their experience. On the game’s subreddit, two posts outline players’ experiences in online matchmaking for the double XP weekend.

One poster said that they were unable to find a lobby without someone using cheats and included a video showcasing someone using what appears to be an aimbot.

“What’s with this new wave of hackers/cheaters? I know they can be prevalent in old games, but I always figured whatever the new Call of Duty is, there wouldn’t be much of a worry for this kind of thing,” they said.

Commenters were shocked that the anti-cheat wasn’t picking up the blatant cheater.

“Seriously what is the anti-cheat doing? It seems practically useless if it can’t detect this dude,” one commenter wrote.

Another post on the same forum said they are running into the same problem, on top of other in-game technical issues.

“Every match now has at least one hacker in it… what is the point of Ricochet? Also, you notice along with the influx of hackers, you tend to lose nonstop while having to contend with the atrocious packet burst issues that conveniently seem to pop up when your team is finally winning? The double XP is not worth wasting your time when the game is functioning this poorly,” the poster explained.

These reports of cheaters also come on the heels of cheat-makers dealing with a malware campaign targeting players who use their products. The campaign, and the recent anti-cheat ban wave, however, don’t seem to be doing much for some MW3 players as they continue to run into problems in matchmaking.

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