Activision takes action against new Warzone console cheats

Call of Duty Warzone character with Xbox and PlayStation logosActivision/Sony/Microsoft

Activision has begun targetting the supposed Warzone console hacks and cheats by taking down videos advertising them on YouTube.

While Warzone remains arguably the most popular game around right now, there is one big bugbear that players have, and that’s to do with the number of hackers that run riot.

Cheaters have been able to use everything from God mode, to wallhacks, and aimbots in Warzone, frustrating the life out of regular players who just play for fun.

The majority of cheaters operate on PC, and you’ll run into them on console while in cross-play lobbies, but some have warned that they might finally be coming to console properly given that hacks for Modern Warfare and Cold War have become available.

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Warzone train lineActivision
Despite Warzone’s popularity, hackers and cheats still run riot in Verdansk.

That warning, obviously, scared a lot of players, especially as there were videos being shared of these cheats in action – even if there was some skepticism about them translating from normal multiplayer to Warzone.

Well, it seems like Activision have now started to step up the fight against them, after it was revealed that they’d started taking down these advertisement videos.

“Activision is now aware of the console cheats and probably are going to make plans to take them down,” said AntiCheatPD – an anti-cheat watchdog on Twitter – who initially flagged the videos. “They started to shut down the YouTube channels that advertise the cheats, this is good for the community.”

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While the videos may have been shut down, a number of cheat sites are still up, selling their hacks, and even offering free trials. Though, the Warzone-specific ones are still locked to PC.

The devs have repeatedly stated that they have plans to step up their anti-cheat game, and have banned over 500,000 accounts for cheating, but it’s an ongoing battle.