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Warzone leak reveals planes potentially coming in new mode ‘Payload’

Published: 13/Jul/2021 13:44

by Connor Bennett


An interesting new leak for Warzone has hinted at planes playing a role in the Season 4 Reloaded update and new Payload mode, and there’s even a new setting for them.

Just like other battle royales, Warzone has gone the way of adding vehicles to help players navigate around the map quickly and without too many issues.

Over time, more vehicles have been added as well – with motorbikes coming in the main Season 4 update – and others being constantly mentioned in rumors.

With the Season 4 reloaded update upon us, it seems as if a new vehicle – planes – could play a role in the new 20v20 Payload mode, especially as players have spotted a new setting.


Warzone characters shooting off the side of a truck
There is already a wide array of vehicles in Warzone.

Planes have been mooted to come to Warzone when CoD 2021: Vanguard releases later this year, sparking rumors of players being able to dogfight while flying over the supposed new Pacific-themed map.

Well, it could happen sooner than that after Call of Duty leaker ZestyLeaks noted that planes are mentioned in the current game files for the new Payload mode.

“In a script file for Payload, the new 20v20 game mode coming with S4R, I found some interesting file names & script code,” the leaker tweeted, noting that planes spawn for both teams in the mode. Though, there have been suggestions of those planes being controlled by A.I.


As previously noted, whats got players interested is the fact there is an ‘invert vertical look’ setting now in Warzone that has an ‘airplanes only’ function.

According to players, this setting was only added in Season 4, and thus could lay the foundations for planes to be tested in-game. Though, that’s only one theory.

Warzone invert setting in menu screenshot
Screenshot via Warzone
The setting has, according to players, only been there for a few weeks.

As we’ve seen before with Warzone, some things that are solely meant for dev testing slip through the cracks.

That could be the case here, with planes potentially being added to the files with the intent of being carried over for Vanguard. Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.