NICKMERCS calls on Warzone hackers to “pay back” entire community with free camos

Brad Norton
Activision / YouTube: NICKMERCS

After NICKMERCS was hit by the latest Warzone hack, one that automatically boosted his account to the maximum level and unlocked every cosmetic in the game, the popular streamer wants everyone to share the same experience.

A new type of hacking controversy is plaguing Warzone in Season 4.

This time, however, it’s one that surprisingly has a positive spin for those impacted. Rather than aiming through walls or cheating to unfair wins, certain hackers have started handing out gifts.

With a new glitch, they’ve slowly been handing out free boosts in various lobbies. Those caught by the hack are instantly launched to level 1,000 and handed every single weapon camo in the game today.

Yes, that even includes the notoriously difficult Dark Matter.

At first, the new ‘issue’ hit a few notable players like Smixie and DiazBiffle. Before too long, none other than Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff found himself at max level, and the new hacking wave gave the Twitch superstar a bold new idea.

Rather than targeting the biggest streamers, he wants to see these hackers “bless” as many players as possible.

“I think all the hackers in the game should spend the next week getting everybody all their stuff,” he suggested in a July 12 Twitch stream. After more than a year of terrorizing lobbies, NICKMERCS thinks it’s time they turned a new leaf.

“[Hackers] spent years plummeting their d*** with the stupid s***. Now I think it’s time for them to pay back the community and give us what’s ours.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Weapon Camo
The Dark Matter camo is the hardest one to unlock in Call of Duty today.

With every camo now at his disposal, NICKMERCS has essentially bypassed Warzone’s biggest grind. There’s no need to level up weapons for attachments, no need to complete challenges for certain skins, his account is maxed out in every way thanks to the hack.

Now, he wants others to share that same feeling.

“I want everybody in the community to experience this because we’ve all experienced getting hacked on. If you’re a hacker, listen up,” he stated.

“Let’s do some business, let’s do it. I won’t talk about you guys so much anymore. Just do what you need to do over the next week.”

If hackers do take NICKMERCS up and agree to “bless” lobbies over the next week, perhaps we’ll finally see Activision step in.

After all, the longer this goes on, the more potential revenue they’re letting slip away. Could this finally be the straw to break the camel’s back and force a more stringent Warzone anti-cheat? Only time will really tell on that front.

We’re yet to see any kind of response from the devs, but with the major Season 4 Reloaded update fast approaching, we may be hearing sooner than later.