Warzone hackers bless random players with all gun camos, attachments, and level 1000

warzone hack glitch free camos unlock dark matter level 1000Activision

It’s quite possibly the greatest Warzone hack or glitch of all time. No one understands what’s happening, but players are randomly being given level 1,000 and every single gun camo unlock in the game — including Dark Matter.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Call of Duty community, and all gaming communities for that matter, do not like hackers. It’s not fun to compete against people who have an unfair advantage and can ruin your games.

You know what is fun, though? Sparkly, pretty gun camos and having access to every gun in the game without needing to sweat it out in multiplayer. Streamers literally pay people to unlock this stuff, but now they’re randomly getting it instantly and for free.

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In a bizarre Robin Hood redemption arc, it seems that hackers — who have long been able to unlock everything for themselves — are now unlocking for players in their lobbies. It could be a glitch, too, but the most popular current theory is that it’s generous cheaters.

Warzone hack gives players all gun camos & attachments

As you can see in Biffle’s clip, he’s casually moving around as a string of achievements and camo unlocks start rolling through. That kept going, causing him to eventually back out of the match as his screen was simply covered by these rewards.

Once in the lobby, he realized that he had unlocked every gun, every camo, and hit level 1,000. While his teammates freaked out, wishing it happened to them, he quickly equipped a fully kitted Swiss K31 loadout.

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The next game, the exact same thing happened to his teammate, SuperEvan. And they weren’t the only ones either, as even Minnesota ROKKR Warzone streamer iSmixie said it happened to her as well.

Like Biff, Smixie assumed she was hacked when it happened. But no one is really sure what is going on and why it’s happening. Other streamers, like Swagg and MuTeX, got similar glitches — but some people only seem to get the levels, but not the camos.

Even more recently, FaZe Clan streamer NICKMERCS got the hack live on stream, while he was playing with TimTheTatMan and Cloakzy. He had no idea what was going on, but chat alerted him and the crew proceeded to lose it when they realized he had secured all Dark Matter camos instantly.

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At the moment, the prevailing theory is that this is an older CoD hack that has now been repurposed for Warzone with the ability to hack other players’ accounts. Some believe it’s tied to the recent free trials by cheat companies, but it’s all very unclear.

Overall, it seems like a positive, Robin Hood-esque hack, which makes people want to log on in hopes that they get similarly blessed. A potential downside though — what if innocent, hacked players get banned as Activision notices manipulated accounts?