Warzone cheat creators claim devs “disabled anti-cheat” as hacking reaches new heights

John Esposito
Warzone S2 artwork

Hacking in Warzone has been a consistent issue for some time now, and as it takes over Ranked Play, some are claiming the anti-cheat system is disabled.

Cheating in Warzone, or Call of Duty in general, is something the player base has unfortunately grown accustomed to. Clips of cheats surface daily, and Warzone is the prime target, as cheaters perform otherwordly absurdities.

The most recent wave of cheats showed players teleporting helicopters outside the playable space. Ricochet, the anti-cheat system, is supposed to help combat this and many other forms of cheating, but it’s certainly left fans wondering if it’s working as intended.

As a new hack takes over Warzone, players are starting to claim the worst outcome has taken place, and that’s the possibility that Ricochet is offline.

Warzone cheaters claim anti-cheat has been disabled

Warzone streamer, Lenun, had an unfortunate experience with hackers in-game. In a match of Ranked Resurgence, he and his squad fall to a hacker with aimbot on their grenade launcher. The results are as expected, as the blatant use of hacks leaves Lenun and his partner speechless.

The comments were ablaze with criticism, rightfully so. Most notably, Lenun is in a top 250 Warzone Ranked lobby, and the fact the cheater is up there raised plenty of concern.

In response to the clip, ModernWarzone replied: “How tf is this guy hacking and somehow in the top 250?? HELLO RICOCHET?!?!?” This led to an interesting reply of a screenshot from a Discord group stating: “Activision has disabled the Anti Cheat for a limited time.”

The screenshot in question is from a cheat provider, and while it’s impossible to verify if this is true or not, it’s definitely a cause for concern. Time will tell what stops Activision pulls out next regarding anti-cheat measures for CoD.