Warzone 2 streamers get nuke without firing a single bullet

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Warzone 2 streamers Bobby Poff and Unrational managed to successfully detonate an in-game nuke without firing any bullets.

Detonating nukes in Warzone 2 requires players to commit to a long and arduous process. Users must first win multiple matches, follow a specific quest, gather ingredients, and so on.

Defending the nuke after someone arms it also requires sterner stuff than some can muster. But streamers like TimTheTatman have accomplished as much multiple times in a row with a band of teammates.

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Other content creators have taken on a different nuke-related challenge, however, one involving an attempt to launch the bomb without ever firing a shot in-game.

Warzone 2 streamers complete the no bullet nuke challenge

YouTubers Bobby Poff and Unrational spent the last several days attempting to complete the no bullet nuke challenge.

Their first few tries failed spectacularly, as throwing knives and grenades made combat encounters difficult when things got down to the wire.

They didn’t give up, though. On December 15, the pair streamed their successful completion of the challenge and posted. Both shared reaction videos of the moment the bombs went off, too.

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As streamer Jake Lucky notes in the post above, this marks the first time that Warzone 2 players have launched a nuke without the use of bullets.

How many other people will follow in the streamers’ footsteps presently remains unknown, especially when considering the baked-in difficulties of winning Warzone 2 games via nuke.

This win for Bobby Poff and Unrational comes on the heels of the battle royale’s Season 1 Reloaded rollout. The Warzone 2 update added a host of weapon buffs and nerfs, along with increased Strongholds and more.

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