TimTheTatman’s Warzone 2 team falls apart going for three nukes in a row

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TimTheTatman’s Warzone 2 team fell apart at the last minute while trying to win three consecutive games with nukes.

Securing a nuke in Warzone 2 is no easy task, even for the most talented of Call of Duty veterans. For one, the long and arduous process begins by winning five games in a row, then following the Champion’s Quest during the sixth match.

If that doesn’t prove challenging enough, players must later collect the parts necessary for the bomb, arm said bomb, then defend it until detonation occurs.

It’s understandable why anyone would express frustration when things go wrong under these circumstances.

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TimTheTatman comes close to nukes winning streak in Warzone 2

Popular streamer TimTheTatman recently posted a video of what should’ve been his team’s third win with a nuke. “We almost had three nukes in a row – back to back to back,” the content creator told viewers at the top of the video.

Throughout much of the “3 Nukes in a Row” footage, it looks as though the crew will indeed achieve a three-peat.

Notably, Tim manages to collect all three necessary elements about halfway into the video. It all amounts to nothing in the end, however.

While attempting to arm the bomb, the streamer dies and leaves his squadmates to pick up the slack. Fortunately, someone else manages to arm the nuke; unfortunately, the team is unable to successfully defend the area.

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TimTheTatman doesn’t just express disappointment at his Warzone 2 buddies for missing out on the nukes hat trick, though. Stream snipers – even the helpful “Uber” types – received a “sidebar” talking to at the end of the video.