Warzone 2 players slam “out of touch” developers for not addressing perk bugs

Ryan Lemay
Is there a Specialost Perk in Warzone 2?

An Ultimate Perk bug and editable perk package bug currently plague Warzone 2. The developers admitted they were unaware of both issues, angering community members.

Modern Warfare 2 players can customize perk packages, but Warzone 2 users don’t share that same luxury. The battle royale offers preset packages suited for different types of playstyles.

CoD content creator WhosImmortal explained Warzone 2’s Ultimate Perk isn’t working correctly and went over the rumor that some players can edit their perk packages. The YouTuber also discussed a Birdseye perk glitch, awarding unlimited UAVs.

WhosImmortal provided video evidence of the perks failing to activate in-game properly, and fans are unsatisfied with the lack of communication from developers.

Warzone 2 Perk Packages
A perk package in Warzone 2.

Warzone 2 players demand answers from developers

CharlieINTEL revealed that in a call with Infinity Ward and Raven, “the devs didn’t appear to know that the Ultimate Perk was not functioning in Warzone 2 and have said they will fix it.”

“They also stated that Perks being Editable in WZ2 is a bug, and it shouldn’t be like that.”

Community members expected fixes for both issues in the Season 1 Reloaded update, but the long list of bug fixes failed to mention perks.

WZ2 content creator TimTheTatman replied, “bro, the perks aren’t fixed in this update? holy sh**.”

A second user added, “Warzone 2 is such a fun game with a lot of potential to be a classic in the COD series, but it seems like the devs don’t really care about the issues with it and are slowly ruining the game.”

Some players argued the developers don’t have a proper read on community feedback, as a third person claimed, “How are they so out of touch with the game they make? It makes absolutely no sense.”

We will provide an update if the issues are addressed. Make sure to check out our guide explaining how Warzone 2 perk packages work.

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