WhosImmortal explains why Warzone 2’s perk system is “broken”

Ryan Lemay

Warzone 2’s new perk system has CoD YouTuber WhosImmortal scratching his head over bugs, exploits, and lack of communication from the developers.

Modern Warfare 2 players slammed the “horrible” new perk system for time-locking abilities. In previous CoD titles, all equipped perks were immediately available in-game, but MW2 reworked the familiar formula.

Players start with two base perks, a bonus perk is granted four minutes into a match, and an ultimate perk is awarded after eight minutes. Users can edit their base, bonus, and ultimate perks in multiplayer, but WZ2 controversially takes that freedom out of their control.

Warzone 2 doesn’t allow players to edit perks, instead offering preset perk packages. WZ2 perk packages are intended to function the same as in multiplayer, but WhosImmortal explained why the system is broken.

An example of a preset perk package for Warzone 2.

WhosImmortal exposes flawed Warzone 2 perk system

In his latest YouTube video, WhosImmortal claimed, “perks in Warzone 2 are incredibly broken.”

Activision originally planned on not including perks in the battle royale sequel, as the developer stated “perks will not be available in Warzone 2 at launch.”

The developers had a change of heart and included perks on day one, yet WhosImmortal is not impressed with the final product.

The YouTuber talked about rumors of some players being able to edit their perk packages.

“Right now, there is zero definitive answer as to who is able to use custom perk packages and who is not able to use them. For what it’s worth for those who said that they can create their own packages. They say that they are working in-game.”

Another issue is bonus and ultimate perks not activating in Warzone 2. WhosImmortal claimed the ultimate perk high alert is not working correctly for him.

“I have never once gotten a high alert ping in the game to this day, even though I have had it on numerous times.”

WhosImmortal also spoke about the Birdeyse ultimate perk exploit that gives unlimited UAV access across all of Al Mazrah.

“This entire system needs some major fixes because it is completely random as to whether or not you can create your own custom perks and then actually have those perks work.”

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