Warzone 2 players claim cheaters are “rampant” again ahead of Season 2 update

Warzone 2 character pointing SMG at another playerActivision

Warzone 2 players say that cheaters are running “rampant” ahead of the highly-anticipated Season 2 update, and things are “miserable” as a result. 

It’s been pretty well documented that Call of Duty has faced a difficult battle against cheaters over the last few years, as they’ve sprung up all over the place.

For a lot of players, hackers and cheats ruined the end of the original Warzone battle royale, but the updates to the Ricochet anti-cheat for Warzone 2 appear to have curbed the damage that cheaters could do. 

There have been fewer reports of players complaining about cheats following the upgrades, however, with Season 2 on the horizon, a few are just starting to creep back in and players aren’t too pleased.  

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Warzone 2 players claim cheaters are back in a big way

That’s right, with the Season 2 update only a week or so away, players have had to tackle an increase in cheaters springing up across Al Mazrah. 

One Redditor highlighted a clip of them being eliminated from a game, where the enemy’s accuracy was somewhat suspect. They put it to other players to weigh in, and the verdict was overwhelming: they’d been deleted from the match by an aimbot. 

“My friend and I have been dying to people using this aimbot fairly often the past few days. Becoming a big issue,” one player said. “Cheaters are running rampant again. The last two days have been miserable,” added another. 

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Some players noted that, while they’ve not come up against cheaters themselves, they’ve seen an influx in hacks being advertised and put on display. “Their streams are all over my TikTok feed,” said another player. As noted, Ricochet has done a solid job in Warzone 2 when it comes to stopping cheaters, but it may require a little tweak heading into Season 2, especially so they don’t ruin the new Ashika Island map.