Modern Warfare 2 players bash “farce” RICOCHET as cheaters take over

MW2 character shooting out of carActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have labeled RICOCHET anti-cheat a “farce” and claimed the annual installment is suffering from a dramatic uptick in the number of hackers as it approaches Season One Reloaded.

While the first Warzone saw its life cycle continually marred by cheaters and hackers, the battle royale sequel has got off to a much smoother start in that regard.

RICOCHET, the anti-cheat system developed back in 2021, has been present since launch and reportedly upgraded considerably.

However, with Season One Reloaded approaching, players are reporting a “flood” of new cheaters. 

MW2 cheaters on the rise ahead of Season One Reloaded

One player drew attention to the problems in a December 8 Reddit post, describing RICOCHET as a “farce”.

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Attached was a video of a player cheating on Shoot House, tracking enemies through the wall and lasering them as a result.

Similar reports came from fellow fans, with one saying the game’s multiplayer has become “flooded” with “blatant” cheats. 

Others pointed out that an anti-cheat system does not necessarily eradicate cheaters entirely. That would be impossible and the more likely outcome is just a reduction in their prevalence. 

One said: “Why do people think that because there is anti-cheat there won’t be cheaters at all? It’s a cat-and-mouse game where there will never be a winner. New cheats come out to bypass RICOCHET, then they get banned.”

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Regardless, players are hoping for positive updates on the game’s hacking situation. 

Activision revealed back in October that over 60,000 accounts were banned just as a result of the multiplayer beta, with the total figure now probably much higher.