Warzone 2 loadout drops appearing at Buy Stations with cheaper prices

Warzone loadoutActivision

Warzone 2 controversially removed loadout drops from buy stations, but a player managed to unearth the missing feature.

At the CoD Next event on September 15, Activision gave fans their first look at Warzone 2. Removing loadouts garnered the most attention among new gameplay changes, such as a revamped gulag and looting system.

The developers backtracked on their initial decision, including loadouts at the battle royale’s launch, but with a twist. Instead of purchasing loadout drops from buy stations, players could only purchase loadout weapons.

Activision’s decision forced players to procure loadout drops by other means. However, a player’s discovery may indicate another change in direction for the battle royale sequel.

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Warzone Loadout DropActivision
After some initial doubts, Loadout Drops returned for Warzone 2 after.

Warzone 2 player discovers loadout drop at buy station

A Warzone TikToker showed they were able to buy a loadout drop from a buy station for just $2,000. In comparison, a loadout weapon costs $5,000.

The only way to currently earn a loadout drop in Warzone 2 is through completing a stronghold or waiting for a world loadout drop, which randomly drops a limited amount between the second and sixth circle collapses.

Fewer loadouts results in players relying on ground loot instead of using their loadouts as a crutch. Players had mixed reactions to loadout drops potentially returning to WZ2.

One user responded, “Without loadouts and perks, the game actually feels like a proper BR game, not just a bigger sweaty cod lobby.”

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While a second player argued, “I’m only not playing the game because I can’t use my load out. What the point of leveling your guns if you can’t use them.”

Most community members in the comments also agreed that the $2,000 price tag would need to be raised.

We will provide an update if the developers provide an update on the feature potentially returning or if this was just a bug.