Warzone 2 could finally get firing range to test weapons & loadouts

Jacob Hale

Since Warzone was originally released back in March 2020, one key feature that players have clamored for has been missing, but it could debut in Warzone 2 instead.

Testing out a loadout in Warzone can be an arduous task, having to rely on regularly running into people, finding enemies and, hopefully, getting a few gunfights in before eventually being sent to the Gulag.

For most players, testing out new weapons or builds is resigned to modes like Plunder or Resurgence, where you can easily spawn back in with a different loadout.

That said, it can still be tedious, but at this point in the game’s lifecycle, many players have given up hope on a firing range arriving in the title, similar to Apex Legends or Fortnite’s Creative mode.

Executions in Warzone
Want to test your loadouts in Warzone before dropping in?

Players might not have to wait too much longer, though, as Warzone 2 may be getting one when it arrives in 2022/23, around the same time as Modern Warfare II.

Popular leaker TheGhostofHope posted a tweet on April 28 saying that “Modern Warfare II will have a firing range,” which was obviously great news for fans of the multiplayer.

He then followed that tweet up, saying that he assumes Warzone 2 will also get the firing range, answering the years-long prayers of players.

It’s worth noting that as this is a leak, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, especially since Ghost only “assumes” the firing range will also be in Warzone 2.

There aren’t many details regarding Warzone 2 that have become available, but we do know it’s being built from the ground up, completely separate from the current iteration of Call of Duty’s battle royale hit.

With new features like a firing range, Warzone 2 will be looking to exceed its predecessor in as many ways as possible.

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