Warzone 2 god-mode glitch is making players completely invincible

Warzone 2 invincible glitchActivison

A new Warzone 2 glitch is making players completely invincible to damage, effectively giving them god-mode hacks without using third-party software.

As Warzone 2 only launched on November 16, the sequel is still in its early stages and as a result, the community are running into a lot of issues.

Whether it’s game crashes, players being insta-killed in the Gulag, or problems with gas masks carried over from the original game, it’s safe to say the devs have got a lot of issues to iron out.

Of course, some bugs are more serious than others, and a recently discovered god-mode glitch is causing a lot of concern as it makes players completely unkillable.

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It’s even more worrying that the competitors inflicted with this OP power don’t seem to know how they activated it.

Warzone 2 bug invincibleActivison
As Warzone 2 is in its early stages, players are discovering a lot of bugs.

Invincibility glitch is making players unkillable in Warzone 2

Posted to the CODWarzone subreddit, user DukeNukedEmm showcased a clip of them in a Quads BR match on Al Mazrah.

All of a sudden, they saw an enemy running towards them out in the open and unarmed. Of course, they immediately decided to beam them down with their full mag, but quickly realized the opponent wasn’t taking any damage.

Although hitmakers popped up over their body, the opponent was completely invincible and continued running toward them. While at first, this would seem like hacks, proximity chat presented a different story, with the unkillable enemy confused about why they were not taking damage.

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“Dude I’m back in the game… They’re trying to shoot me and the bullets are going right through me”.

This shocked reaction suggests it was a glitch that caused the invincibility, not hacks or third-party software.

It’s impossible to know how this bug was activated but as the invulnerable player says they’re “back in the game”, there’s a chance it has something to do with the Gulag.

Either way, this is a problem the devs will have to resolve as soon as possible and hopefully, it won’t become a widespread glitch on Al Mazrah.

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