Warzone 2 “1000 IQ” gas mask tip is a game changer for final circles

Warzone 2's gas mask is an incredibly valuable asset to all players.Activision

This Warzone 2 gas mask tip completely changes the game when it comes to surviving outside the safe zone.

Warzone 2’s gas is potent. It can ruin a game lightning-fast for any player caught in it, even if only for a few seconds. Anyone who has ever lost a game due to being a little too far from the safe zone knows just how harsh it can be.

While gas masks do provide temporary relief from the oppressive force that slowly shrinks the lobby, sometimes one is not enough to save the day. Luckily, one player has discovered that fallen players’ masks could be the key to surviving an otherwise impossible scenario.

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There’s a popular strategy in Warzone where players attempt to win Solo matches by flying a helicopter above the final circle and relying on a combo of gas masks and self-revives to keep them alive after it finally closes.

As seen in the video below, it’s hard to shoot down someone who is flying directly overhead, so it’s relatively safe to try. Then when the circle closes, that player can fly the helicopter deep into the gas to get away from their opponents and hideout with a veritable treasure trove of healing items.

Whether you’re dealing with one of those situations or you’re just stuck in the gas and stumbling upon a trail of bodies, looting masks from dead players will extend the amount of time you can stall them out.

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Gas masks that are on other players’ dead bodies do not lose their effectiveness, so as long as there are corpses around there’s always a chance to extend your life.

While it’s not something that can be relied on every time, it’s handy to know for the next time the gas begins to encroach and you’re not sure how you’re going to make it out.