Warzone 2 hit registration glitch leaves players “shooting blanks”


A Warzone 2 hit registration glitch is completely ruining gunfights again, leaving players shooting “blanks” and losing matches.

Glitches in games are going to be found one way or another, either intentionally or by accident. 

Depending on what the glitch is, it could cost you the victory or put you at an advantage over other players.

A problem has now reappeared in Warzone 2 where the player’s shots don’t register on the intended target.

Warzone 2 hit reg glitch costs player the game

Several issues have affected gameplay in the Call of Duty battle royale game, of late, including an airstrike bug and players crashing servers to prevent nukes.

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A video posted to Reddit on February 12 shows a new glitch that appears to happen at random. 

In the video, the player empties their entire magazine into an approaching enemy. However, the opponent’s shields never break as they sprint through the gunfire and win the fight.

The reasons for the glitch or how to replicate it for testing are currently unknown and the issue is not on Raven Software’s trello board for reporting bugs.

Other users on Reddit commented on their experiences, as one said: “I’ve had a couple of fights like this and I don’t think they were cheating. The same exact thing too unloaded a whole clip and didn’t even break blue armor even though it was clearly enough to down someone with full purple.

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“I think the game just breaks every now and then because teammates were able to down them.”

Another user voiced their frustration, saying: “Definitely the worst clip I have seen when it comes to this. Did you miss any shots? Had a little situation yesterday but it was in multiplayer….stuff like this makes me think that there’s def a hit reg problem.”

Warzone 2 players will be hoping they stop shooting blanks in the future and this issue will be resolved in a hotfix.