Warzone 2 players want “embarrassing” gas mask animation removed

Warzone 2 gas maskActivision

Warzone 2 removed two quality-of-life features from WZ1, which makes getting out of the gas much more challenging.

Fifakill pulled off an outrageous gas play to win $100,000 in the 2022 World Series of Warzone event. He intentionally stayed in the gas for the entire final circle, using multiple stims and a PDS system to stay alive. After avoiding most of the final gunfights, the decorated pro easily swooped in for the game-winning kill.

Those types of miraculous feats are no longer possible in Warzone 2. Players can no longer use buy stations in the gas, there are fewer lootable stims to replenish health, and PDS systems were removed, which protected players from the gas for 20 seconds.

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Infinity Ward also removed a feature that allowed players to equip or unequip a gas mask, infuriating some community members.

Warzone 2 players bash gas mask mechanics

Warzone 2's gas mask is an incredibly valuable asset to all players.Activision
Warzone 2 gas mask plays are basically non-existent.

In Warzone 2, once a player enters the gas, their operator automatically equips a gas mask. A toggle option in WZ1 for gas masks opened up the possibility of preserving gas masks longer and made storm traversal easier.

Warzone 2 content creators ModernWarzone and IceManIsaac ranted on Twitter about gas masks’ poor functionality on Twitter.

ModernWarzone argued: “Not being able to cancel your reload in Call of Duty is bad enough as is, but the fact that reloading your gun can cause you to die to the gas because you can not put your gas mask on in any way is crazy.”

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The streamer was unable to equip a gas mask because of a reload animation, and Infinity Ward removed the ability to cancel a reload. The split-second hiccup caused ModernWarzone to lose a match.

IceManIsaac begged the developers to remove the gas mask equip animation completely and offered a solution.

“Just let the gas mask tick away, and don’t interrupt any animations. Maybe throw the goggles on, but that’s it. If you run out of the gas mask, you take gas damage. That’s balanced.”

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Some community members agreed that having an equip and unequip mask animation is pointless. “This exact scenario happens so often, it’s painful.”

Infinity Ward accomplished its goal of making plays in the gas less possible, but some players believe WZ2’s gas is too punishing.

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