Warzone 2 cheaters getting free wins as infinite gas mask glitch returns

warzone 2 gas maskActivision

Just a couple of weeks into Warzone 2.0, players have already discovered an infinite gas mask glitch that lets them win games easily, by simply staying in the gas and out of the way of unaware enemies.

The infinite gas mask glitch is not one that will be new to veteran Warzone players. Even as far back as the original Verdansk days, players were finding different workarounds to survive in the gas and cheat their way to wins.

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Unfortunately, this hasn’t changed with the launch of Warzone 2, and players have once again found an exploit never to lose their gas mask, making it last for as long as they need it for.

The glitch works similarly to the max money glitch that was recently discovered in both Warzone 2 battle royale and DMZ.

We won’t go into the details on how to do the glitch, as it grants such an unfair advantage over your opponents, but it does give you over 116 million percent of a gas mask, so it will basically never run out unless there are multiple players in the final circle doing the same thing.

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This rings similar not only to previous gas mask glitches, but many players will also remember the unlimited stim shot glitch which allowed players to survive endlessly in the gas in Verdansk.

The Warzone developers have not yet addressed this issue, though they’ll definitely want to get on top of it before it gets out of hand and hordes of players start abusing it more than they already are.

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