Warzone 2 Feb 17 update: Throwing knife buff, DMZ self-revive, more

warzone 2 operator runningActivision

Warzone 2 updates have been arriving at breakneck speeds, and Activision rolled out another patch addressing bug fixes and buffing lethal equipment items.

Infinity Ward and Raven Software have been working around the clock to address issues caused by the Season 2 update. It all started on February 15, as the developers rushed out a hotfix to address vanishing armor plates on Ashika Island.

On February 16, Infinity Ward released a patch for the rampant game crashes plaguing MW2 and WZ2. The update also fixed an issue causing players to lose the ability to move after reviving a teammate and an armor plate equipping issue.

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For a third consecutive day, the Warzone 2 developers rolled out a fresh update, dealing with Field Upgrade and Killstreak Bugs, as well as a few gameplay adjustments.

Lethal equipment items buffed in Warzone 2

Semtex grenade in Al Mazrah in Warzone 2Activision/Infinity Ward
Semtex grenades received a buff in Warzone 2.

Semtex and Drill Charges will now down a player with maximum armor plates if they hit an enemy’s body directly. Throwing knives also down fully plated players if it hits their head or upper torso. Warzone 1 allowed players to one-shot enemies with throwing knives, and the decision stirred controversy among community members.

As for a few UI changes, players will now be able to see the attachments for their active loadouts with highlighted yellow indicators in the bottom right of the screen, and the Heavy Chopper that extracts the winning Warzone 2 team will now use the cosmetic skin used by the highest scoring team member.

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Players who solo queue in DMZ will now be able to self-revive if their assimilated teammates are downed, and AI bomb drone effectiveness was decreased by 85%.

The update also prevents players from abusing an exploit that allowed them to drive out of bounds without punishment.

Warzone February 2 17 patch notes

Here are the full Warzone February 2 17 patch notes.


  • Fixed an issue where the countdown timer would display incorrectly when Players entered a Vehicle in an out-of-bounds area
  • Fixed an issue causing the countdown timer to display incorrectly after the Player drives through an out-of-bounds/restricted area in Ground War, and tries to re-enter one of these two areas for the first time after

  • Fixed an issue where the Deployable Cover could not be deployed on surfaces with broken glass shards
  • Fixed an issue causing the Inflatable Decoy to float in the air when deployed on water surfaces on certain maps
  • Fixed an issue causing the Inflatable Decoy to destroy itself when activated underwater near shallow water
  • Fixed issue with the Portable Radar Reticle not always appearing immediately when activated
  • Fixed a number of issues causing some Players to get stuck after trying to deploy a Recon Drone in certain areas
  • Fixed an exploit where Players could farm XP with a Suppression Mine

  • Fixed an issue where using a Care Package had a small chance of kicking Players back to the main menu
  • Fixed an issue causing some Killstreak target markers to appear on eliminated enemies in Modes that have a revive feature
  • Fixed an issue where Players with Juggernaut active were still able to use Killstreaks (PC Only)
  • Fixed an issue where some Players who picked up the dropped Juggernaut Minigun would drop it automatically when running over a Weapon they have in their current inventory
  • Fixed an issue allowing Players to earn a second MGB in round-based Modes
  • Fixed an issue causing the Mortar Strike marker to return to an incorrect point when targeting a location through a window
  • Fixed an issue preventing Precision Airstrike makers from being placed on a water surface
  • Fixed an issue allowing Vehicles operated by a Squad member to drive through a Player’s Sentry Gun to hide it from view
  • Fixed an issue allowing Players to deploy a Sentry Gun in prohibited spaces
  • Fixed an issue preventing Players from canceling out of deploying a Sentry Gun while parachuting
  • Fixed an issue allowing Players to deploy a Sentry Gun in out-of-bounds areas
  • Fixed an issue causing the VTOL Jet to ignore targeted enemies when they enter a vehicle 



  • Exfil Helicopter
    • The Heavy Chopper that Squads exfil with upon winning a match will now use the cosmetic Vehicle skin of the highest scoring Squad member.
  • Attachment UI
    • Players will now see the Attachments for their active Loadout Weapon(s) highlighted in yellow on the Weapon silhouette located in the bottom right of the UI.

  • Semtex and Drill Charges
    • These will down a Player with maximum Armor Plates equipped if they stick directly to their body.
  • Throwing Knives
    • These will down a Player with maximum Armor Plates equipped if it hits their head or upper torso.


  • Solo Self-Revive
    • In Solo queue, a Player can now Self-Revive if Assimilated Squad members are downed.
  • A.I. Combatant Threat
    • A.I. Combatant threat generated by Recon and Bomb Drones Reduced has been reduced by 85%.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Heartbeat Sensor battery to reset after being dropped on the group and picked up again.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Loadout Drops from remaining stable on train platforms.