Warzone 2 devs rush hotfix for vanishing armor plates in Season 2’s Resurgence mode

Warzone 2 Ashika IslandActivision

Warzone 2 developer Raven Software have rushed out an emergency update just hours after Season 2 arrived as players reported a surprising lack of armor plates in the new Resurgence playlist.

After months of waiting, Resurgence players finally had their prayers answered on February 15. With the launch of Warzone 2’s second Season came the return of the fast-paced game type with an all-new bite-sized BR map in Ashika Island.

As just the second map in the Warzone sequel and the first of a smaller variety, it offers a tight-knit battleground for smaller lobbies to enjoy in the more action-packed playlist. However, not all went according to plan when the Season 2 update rolled around.

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Upon dropping into the new Resurgence map, players quickly noticed something was awry. Armor plates weren’t quite as plentiful as they were in the regular Warzone 2 modes, leaving many squads with no proper means of defending themselves.

Taking gunfights without armor is an almost-guaranteed way to see yourself back in the menu waiting for a respawn. Just as it is in the regular BR game-types, it’s crucial to success in the Resurgence mode. Thus, when they were in severely short supply at the launch of Season 2, many soon took note.

Fortunately, Raven Software was on the ball right away. Just hours after the mega-sized update arrived in Warzone 2, the devs swiftly issued another small update to address the issue.

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Now, eliminated players are “guaranteed [to] drop at least one Armor Plate at minimum,” they assured. “They will also continue to drop any additional Armor Plates they have stored in their backpack.”

Naturally, such a quick resolution went down well with the community as streamers, pros, and casual fans alike all chimed in with praise for the fast-working devs.

Moving forward on Ashika Island, you should have no troubles finding a steady stream of armor to keep you and your teammates well-protected in the coming battles.