Warzone 2 fans mock devs after announcing 1v1 Gulag as “new feature” in Season 2

warzone 2 players battling in gulag

Warzone 2 players have torn into the devs after the roadmap revealed many Season 2 additions to the game, one being the decision to make the Gulag 1v1 again.

Over time, the Warzone 2 team has reverted several aspects of the game that made the sequel differentiate itself from the original Warzone.

Loadouts are back after not being present in the game at launch and after repeated complaints from players, the Gulag is now back to being a 1v1 affair — a completely different prospect to the 2v2 matches that Warzone 2 introduced.

The Gulag update has been criticized though as instead of just being an update in the patch notes, the devs gave it a full space on the Season 2 roadmap and advertised it in “new features.”

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To the surprise of no one, this decision has incited a lot of mocking and has amused players.

“Call of Duty, stop, you’re making me laugh LOL,” was the title of one Reddit post that zeroed in on the Gulag change being represented as a new feature.

It drew the ire of CoD fans with one user saying: “‘New features’ AKA reverting every new feature because the Devs were trash and were completely disconnected from its game’s fan base.”

Some players have been sympathetic to the devs for trying something new, but the consensus is that a 2v2 Gulag was never the right play.

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“The EA way. Remove features and reintroduce them as new,” commented one Warzone 2 user as EA have been known down the years, especially in sports games, to remove features, and then add them back in several iterations down the line.

With many of the Season 1 changes and Season 2 changes now in effect, it will be interesting to see how the battle royale title performs moving forward — especially with Ashika Island shaking things up.