Warzone 2 players blast “out of touch” devs for adding AI to Ashika Island


Warzone 2 players have criticized the developers of the CoD battle royale sequel after they confirmed the addition of AI to Ashika Island, Season Two’s new map.

AI in Warzone 2 has been a thorny topic since the battle royale dropped back in November. 

While it gives players the opportunity to get their hands on more eliminations and better loot, there’s been huge conversations over whether it’s necessary to have AI figures in the same lobbies as real players. 

Despite the acrimony, the devs seem eager to add more AI to Warzone 2’s modes. On February 21, they confirmed the addition of AI as part of Ashika Island’s Search & Seizure Contract. 

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They said: “Enemy A.I. Combatants only spawn during a Search & Seizure Contract and the upcoming Data Heist Public Event.”

The move, unsurprisingly, provoked a backlash from players who want to see AI’s presence minimized. 

Warzone 2 players blast “sad” addition of AI to Ashika Island

One respondent said that the devs are “so out of touch and it’s so sad,” while another told them in no uncertain terms that players do not want AI in Warzone 2 in “any shape or form.”

“We don’t want Ai on resurgence, my god do y’all ever learn?” they said. “No you don’t, regardless if they only spawn during the contract we don’t want them in any way shape, or form.”

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A third simply said: “Stop fixing things that aren’t broken.”

Regardless of the criticism from the playerbase, the devs look set on widening the inclusion of AI in Warzone and its modes. 

It’s become more common in battle royales, with Fortnite introducing AI into regular matches a number of seasons ago.

The devs will argue that it makes matches more action-packed, as well as giving players more control over the in-game challenges they can complete. Players, though, don’t seem convinced.