Secret Warzone 2 change shakes up Ashika Island meta


Warzone 2 YouTuber WhosImmortal discovered a secret update that makes suppressors a must-use attachment on Ashika Island.

Warzone 2 received its first Resurgence map as part of the Season 2 update. Most community members gave Ashika Island glowing reviews, despite a few bugs plaguing the map’s launch. As the game mode name suggests, Resurgence plays differently than the regular battle royale.

Ashika Island is much smaller than Al Mazrah and hosts 52 players instead of 150. Additionally, as the game mode name suggests, players respawn until the latter stages of matches in Resurgence. Considering that, players must build their loadouts, catering to the hybrid multiplayer and battle royale experience.

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WhosImmortal put on his detective cap and helped resolve any confusion while building the perfect Ashika Island loadout.

Why suppressors are essential for Warzone 2 Ashika Island

Warzone 2 players have praised Ashika Island’s introduction.

On January 10, WhosImmortal unearthed a secret WZ2 update that removed all red dots from the compass on the top of the screen, even if you had a suppressor equipped on your weapon. He recommended players remove the attachment in favor of something else, as it no longer hid your location while firing.

However, the YouTuber discovered that on Ashika Island, red dots once again appear on the compass if an enemy fires an unsuppressed weapon. He tested the feature on Al Mazrah and concluded red dots only appear on the Resurgence map.

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“Resurgence is so full of UAVs because any time a teammate kills someone, the squad receives an enemy ping. Every time the UAV pings, you also get a ping on the compass.”

WhosImmortal argued that some players won’t even look at the compass, but “certain players are not going to want to have any information being told about them whether that be on the compass or mini-map.”

The YouTuber recommended using suppressors such as the ZLR Talon 5, Harbinger D20, or Echoless-80 for better velocity, more control, and stealth capability.

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While this update isn’t going to shake the world, the meta may make slight adjustments, and WhosImmortal urged players to keep the change in mind when crafting their loadouts.

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