Viral Modern Warfare 2 TikTok reveals crazy XP glitch to level up fast

Modern Warfare 2 Ground War with logoActivision

A new viral TikTok video has exposed a Modern Warfare 2 glitch that allows players to rack up unholy amounts of XP in Infinity Ward’s recently released title.

After months of fan anticipation and excitement, Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 finally dropped globally on October 28.

While many have been loving the opportunity to drop into the latest CoD installment, others have found their early experiences tainted by invasive bugs and glitches.

From the infamous ‘Scan and Repair’ problems to parties and attachment tuning crashing matches altogether, there’s plenty for the devs to iron out in the coming days and weeks.

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MW2 Ground War glitch allows players to farm XP

A new glitch has surfaced in MW2’s Ground War mode too, allowing players to accumulate incredible amounts of XP in mere seconds. Naturally, this means players can rank up much faster than is intended.

Highlighted in a viral TikTok, Twitch streamer Move_Mind realized that throwing a Suppression Mine on an enemy tank gives players thousands of XP in seconds.

The Suppression Mine is a Modern Warfare 2 Field Upgrade that, when triggered by an enemy, emits a sound wave that distorts vision and slows movement.

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Throwing it on an enemy tank naturally brings it within range of a number of enemies and, as a result, currently gives players incredible amounts of XP.

The glitch’s ridiculous ability was clear in the TikTok, levelling up the streamer within seconds.

Currently, the video has over 94,000 likes on the social media platform.

While it’s certainly not the most serious problem affecting Modern Warfare 2 at the moment, its in-game power means that we do expect Infinity Ward to drop a quick patch in the coming days.

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