Vanguard hitboxes are actually broken and it’s ruining games

Jaret Kappelman
Vanguard players discover character hitboxes are inaccurate and ruining matches

When it comes to getting kills in Vanguard you need to be precise with your bullets but players have discovered that hitboxes are actually broken and it’s running games.

Vanguard has rolled out a couple of patches already fixing annoying things like reticle and camo challenges.

While players have seemingly been happy with the changes the devs have made and the response time the team have, but there are still new problems being found.

Lately, players have been complaining about bullets registering in odd ways and Sledgehammer Games may want to take a look at this game-breaking discovery.

Vanguard head hitboxes are not registering properly

While Vanguard is still fresh and people continue to grind out the new Call of Duty, they are still discovering issues with it.

This Reddit post by ‘fpsdredd’ shows off how Vanguard operator hitboxes are out of whack and is leading to some obnoxious gameplay.

In the clip, you can see they are in a custom match with two different POVs. You can see the player crouched down while the other is shooting a couple of inches above the enemy’s head.

The person crouched down takes damage while the other player fires bullets that are nowhere near the head. This has been pointed out by numerous people.

CoD Vanguard firefight
Vanguard players are upset as hitboxes are completely inaccurate.

Another Reddit thread suggested that just riot shields were bugged and did not protect the head of a player. Turns out that it is just the hitbox as a whole that is completely wrong.

Some players thought that this had to do with which operator you picked. We have seen issues with some being quieter than others but this appears to be an issue on all of them.

There has been no word from SHG yet but they have been quick to fix big issues already so we could get a fix for this fairly quickly.

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