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Best CoD Vanguard operators to stay silent when using Ninja

Published: 8/Nov/2021 10:39

by Connor Bennett


Call of Duty: Vanguard players have found that certain operators in the game won’t make any noise when using Ninja, while others grunt and make noise.

After months of waiting, Call of Duty players are finally getting stuck into Vanguard, beginning the annual tradition of figuring out which multiplayer class works best for them – including which weapons to use, which perks to select, and what grenades to take into battle.

Aside from new additions like Forward Intel and Piercing Vision, the perks in Vanguard are pretty much the same as previous CoD titles, though, Ninja has been moved from the third perk slot to the first.


The Ninja perk still works the same as ever – in that it helps you make less noise while moving. However, if you want stay ultra quiet, there are a few operators you want to use.

vanguard operator desert trench
Vanguard finally dropped on November 5.

Even when using Ninja, some operators still give themselves away with grunts and breathing noises while mantling or falling.

However, as Twitter user TylerrWRLD pointed out, there are three female characters that won’t do this – Beatrice, Constanze, and Padmavati. Instead, they remain silent and make the jumps without any noise.

Dexerto has tested the claim by using these operators in-game and confirmed that they don’t make any noise, while the other operators will all grunt and complain – especially when mantling.


As some players have pointed out, pair this issue with Dead Silence and you will be pretty undetectable by enemies as you move around the map.

In terms of fixing this supposed issue, it appears as if Sledgehammer Games will either have to give the characters some voice lines or just fix some rogue bit of code that is preventing them from talking when Ninja is equipped.