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CoD Vanguard players demand fix for “annoying” menu bug interrupting games

Published: 12/Nov/2021 11:03

by James Busby


A CoD Vanguard menu bug is currently ruining online matches for players, instantly stopping them from claiming kills and taking them out of the action. 

From broken aim assist that allows players to snap onto enemies behind walls to frustrating Care Package problems, CoD Vanguard has its fair share of teething troubles. However, a new menu bug is being reported by players and it is ruining online matches. This bug forces the menu to open mid-game, resulting in some annoying deaths. 

This is especially frustrating for those that are trying to unleash the game’s best killstreaks – an area that can take a lot of effort. If that wasn’t bad enough, the bug can appear at any time, which makes it all the more aggravating.


CoD Vanguard menu bug is ruining online matches

CoD Vanguard loadout menu
Activision/Sledgehammer Games
CoD Vanguard’s loadout menu bug can lead to some frustrating deaths.

Like most FPS games, CoD Vanguard rewards players for their quick reaction times, good game sense, and overall accuracy. After all, winning firefights will reward you with some incredibly powerful killstreaks, particularly when you unleash Attack Dogs or bombing runs. 

Unfortunately, getting high kill count games or going on game-winning streaks can prove incredibly difficult, especially when your vision is constantly obscured by the loadout menu. “My menu keeps popping up randomly mid-game,” explained one player. “It’s very annoying, especially when you’re on a big streak. It happens to me at least once every game.” 

I don’t know if this just happens to me but it should be addressed. My menu keeps popping up randomly mid game, it’s very annoying especially when you’re in a big streak. It happens to me at least once every game. from CODVanguard

If that wasn’t frustrating enough, some players have even reported that the bug has removed all their Operator progress and weapon attachments. “Also took off all my operator progress, but adds all of it again at the end of every game, before removing it again. But still says I have 0 wins with Lucas.”


Whether this progress reset is tied to the menu bug remains to be seen. After all, no one knows exactly what causes this issue to occur, however, some players believe it’s tied to the game’s Prestige system. “I only had it happen once and it was when I hit Prestige midgame,” explained another player

Hopefully, Sledgehammer can fix this menu bug before it begins to impact more CoD Vanguard players.