Viral CoD Vanguard TikTok proves how “broken” shotguns are

Connor Bennett
Gracey shotgun sight in Cod Vanguard

A Call of Duty player has gone wildly viral across social media, leading fellow fans in disbelief at them achieving a V2 Rocket killstreak in just over 30 seconds with a shotgun loadout.

When a new Call of Duty title releases, there are always a few weapons that dominate in the first few weeks – be it because they’re just naturally strong or something bugs out and makes them OP.

Plenty of CoD fans will point back to the likes of Modern Warfare 2’s akimbo Model 1887’s, World at War’s round drum MP40, and Black Ops’ G11 and either laugh fondly or sweat profusely at what has come before.

In the early goings of Call of Duty: Vanguard, players have been left frustrated by the power of the shotguns. However, one loadout has taken things to a whole new level – and it has blown social media away.

The Gracey Auto Shotgun has got CoD players sweating bullets.

With players competing to grab the quickest time to unlock the V2 Rocket killstreak – 25 kills in a row – shotguns have been the go-to weapons of choice.

While some fans have managed to use Das Haus and their shotgun of choice to achieve one in just under 40 seconds, TikToker Zexafy managed to do it a shade over 30 seconds with a clip that has racked up over 2.2 million views.

Zexafy’s highlight has also done the rounds on Twitter, grabbing around 1 million views there as well as players can’t believe it. “What the fuck allowed this to happen?” asked one player. “This is absolutely disgusting, I would’ve thrown my console at the tv if this happened to me,” added another. “Instant uninstall.”

Plenty of other players simply tagged Activision and Sledgehammer Games in the replies demanding a fix.

As Zexafy pointed out on TikTok, he showed off the clip to get the devs to make some changes, noting the loadout is even faster without a stock. We’ll just have to wait and see how long that takes.