Underrated Warzone LMG quietly dominates Warzone KD rankings

Alex Garton
UGM 8 LMG Warzone

An underused Vanguard LMG with an impressive win rate & KD ratio is being overlooked by the Warzone community and could be a hidden gem worth testing in one of your matches.

The huge balance changes that arrived with the Season 4 Reloaded update have completely shifted the meta in Warzone.

Once dominant picks like the NZ-41 have slipped down the rankings, making way for new top-tier options like the KG M40.

Despite this, sometimes the power of a weapon doesn’t always correlate with its pick rate, meaning a lot of strong options can go under the radar.

Well, that appears to be the case for a specific Vanguard LMG that according to WZRanked, has the fifth highest win rate and is even sitting in sixth place for KD ratio.

UGM 8 LMG Vangaurd
The UGM 8 LMG thrives at eliminating opponents at long range.

UGM 8 LMG is being overlooked by Warzone players

Added in the Season 4 update back on June 22, the UGM 8 is an LMG that very few Warzone players use, sitting at an extremely low 0.5% pick rate.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the weapon isn’t strong, as it’s currently sitting in fifth place when it comes to win rate in Warzone at 3.91%.

Not only that, with a 1.19 KD, it’s also netting a lot of kills for those who are willing to put the practice in with the UGM-8.

If that wasn’t enough, the LMG received a recoil reduction buff in the Season 4 Reloaded update, making it easier to control and helping it to perform better at long range.

UGM 8 Warzone LMG
The UGM 8 LMG arrived in the Season 4 update.

So, if you’re looking for an off-meta weapon that has the potential to be a hidden gem on Caldera and Rebirth, it may be worth picking up the UGM 8.

Keep in mind, this gun thrives at long-range, so make sure to run a strong SMG in your secondary slot.

We recommend either the H4 Blixen or Macro 5, as both weapons have a lethal TTK and excellent mobility.