Warzone expert highlights most underrated guns that will be meta in Season 4

Connor Bennett
Warzone 2 operator aiming LMG at player in desert setting

Warzone expert WhosImmortal has highlighted an underused weapon that should get some love in Season 4 now that the TTK changes and weapon balancing have set in.

With the start of Warzone Season 4, the devs have made some pretty big changes to the Call of Duty battle royale. There is a new map in the form of Vondel – it’s bigger than Ashika Island but smaller than Al-Mazrah – and there have also been health changes.

On top of that, the dominant Cronen Squall has been nerfed, which has given players the chance to make some changes in the meta. The assault rifle was the only top-tier weapon that changed in a meaningful way, however, with shotguns getting the biggest buffs of the rest.

As a result of the changes, players have been searching for what could be the next best thing. JGOD has already recommended the HCR, however, WhosImmortal has a slightly different idea. 

RAAL & Sakin LMGs highlighted as Warzone’s next meta weapons

Following the update, the Warzone stats guru was making some changes to his weapon tier list, dropping the Squall from being a go-to gun to just a competitive choice. 

In highlighting some alternatives, WhosImmortal went to the RAAL and Sakin LMGs, praising their TTK against the new health changes, even if they are let down by reload and movement speed. 

“Each of these to me are now major standouts. I don’t want to say they are absolute meta because they are LMGs and their reload, movement speed, and ADS speeds sucks, but if we’re focusing on strictly TTK, these are two of your best choices now,” he said. 

Timestamp of 6:35

The RAAL is especially solid, as the YouTuber noted it has “arguably” the best TTK is the battle royale as a whole. Though, when it comes to pick rate, it sits as around the 21st most-used gun. 

Both LMGs have had their time in the spotlight previously, so players should have all the best attachments for them if they want to make the switch back.

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