Twitch streamer Forsen claims Warzone 2 has ruined his PC


During its launch, Warzone 2 suffered from shaky server stability, and Twitch streamer Forsen received a healthy dose of PC problems while playing himself.

Warzone 2 has seen its fair share of bugs and glitches since its launch on November 16. Players could not invite their friends to matches, died instantly in the Gulag, and fell through the map floor mid-match.

Modern Warfare 2’s November 22 update fixed many of the bugs plaguing WZ2, but a few lingering issues remain. Forsen established himself as a Hearthstone competitor and has since become one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, playing a variety of games.

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Forsen gave Warzone 2 a go, and It’s safe to say we won’t be seeing him dropping back into Al Mazrah anytime soon, as he claimed the battle royale gave his computer “aids.”

Warzone 2 key art showing players about to jump into a matchActivision Blizzard
Forsen experienced significant issues while trying to play Warzone 2.

Forsen slams Warzone 2 PC performance

In a clip from his November 23 stream, hilariously titled, “Warzone 2.0 activates a C4 charge hidden in Forsens’ PC,” Forsen lagged out of a Warzone 2 match before even having a chance to jump out of the plane.

The streamer didn’t just lose connection to the match, the error crashed his entire stream.

After the incident, Forsen took to Twitter and claimed, “Warzone actually gave my computer aids. First, it crashed obs and then a blue screen when I closed it. big problem.”

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PC Players reported similar issues during the Modern Warfare 2 launch week, and NVIDIA responded by releasing a new Game Ready Driver. The updated driver was designed for “optimized performance, improved stability, and a fix for previously-reported corruption issues.”

It’s unclear whether or not the NVIDIA driver would resolve Forsen’s issues, and we may never find out based on his first experience with the game.