TimTheTatman roasts Dr Disrespect while Doc is watching: “Go back to Apex”

Nathan Warby
Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman on stream

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect decided to check in on his old friend TimTheTatman playing Warzone. However, Doc couldn’t have dropped in at a worse time.

It’s no secret that Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman love to take jabs at each other. The two streamer friends can often be found bickering when they team up for a few matches of Warzone.

Although the two have other games that they stream regularly, with Doc often playing Apex legends and Tim diving into Overwatch, they also like to spectate one another’s streams from time to time.

That’s exactly what Dr Disrespect did while his friend was mid-game in Warzone, but Tim wasn’t in the best of spots and was far from happy to hear that the two time had stopped by.

During his August 18 stream, Doc arrived on Tim’s stream when he had already died. He immediately launched into a hilarious intro poking fun at his fellow content creator.

“Hey guys, Dr Disrespect, and we’re quickly jumping on board. We’re about halfway through this game and we’re spectating…a random? No.”

Before he could continue, Tim exploded into a rant urging his viewers to tell Doc to get off his stream and return to his game.

“Guys, tell Doc to go back to f**king Apex,” said Tim. “Go back, go play your Apex old man, get the f**k out.”

He then continued by mocking Apex: “Go play the breaking shield, I broke him, I’m dead, I broke him, I’m dead. Yeah, go play that.”

Doc, unfazed by the abuse he had just received, took the interaction as the light-hearted joke it was intended as. Simply responding: “Please like my videos, subscribe to my channel.”

This comes just days on from TimTheTatman losing a $1,000 bet to Dr Disrespect, after he managed an incredible 70-yard throw at a San Fransisco 49ers training camp.