Chaos ensues after Dr Disrespect hilariously takes TimTheTatMan's compliment the wrong way - Dexerto

Chaos ensues after Dr Disrespect hilariously takes TimTheTatMan’s compliment the wrong way

Published: 1/Mar/2019 1:18 Updated: 1/Mar/2019 2:53

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamers Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatMan were in the midst playing Call of DutyBlackout when Tim tried to pay the Doc a compliment – which backfired in a hilarious fashion.

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The two were discussing the Doc’s Business degree when Tim noted that he had ended up playing video games for a living, and went on to compliment the quality of his stream.

“I will say, out of all the streamers, you 100% – and I’m not gonna say this very lightly – you 100% have some of the best production quality and intricate things that you do in your stream than any other streamer,” Tim said.


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However, Dr Disrespect didn’t appear to be too pleased with Tim’s praise, humorously claiming that Tim was giving the glory to the Doc’s special effects team, rather than his own skills.

“I don’t know what to say to that, Timmy,” the Doc replied. “…you’re not focusing on the real talent, which is me, Timmy.”

GFUEL, TwitterWhile the Doc’s stream is known for its special effects, he didn’t take TimTheTatMan’s compliments very well.
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Tim shot back at the Doc’s comments in kind, arguing that he was admiring his stream management.

“How are you turning my compliment into something bad?” Tim shot back. “I’m gonna headbutt you, I swear! …I’m complimenting the way your stream is run, old man!”


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Tim went on to state that no one was watching the Doc’s stream for his gameplay – after which Dr Disrespect claimed that he would “forget” the comment as the two dropped into the map.

It’s no secret that Dr Disrespect’s stream features some of the best effects in the business, but he’s not alone in that respect; Twitch streamer ‘TheSushiDragon’ likewise features incredible production value, which could go on to be a trend as streaming continues to grow in popularity.