TimTheTatman makes Dr Disrespect break character with hilarious CSGO commentary

DrDisrespect breaks characterYouTube: DrDisrespect

During a recent stream, Dr Disrespect teamed up with TimTheTatman to play some CSGO, with the latter making Doc completely break character and begin laughing during a match while playing live.

One of the reasons why Dr Disrepect is so popular is because of just how fleshed out his online persona is. He completely embodies the character and it is very rare to see him on stream as anything other than the rough as guts and self-confident Doc.

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However, there have been times throughout the years when he does break, something that his fans always find hilarious and take my enjoyment out of seeing. Previously, Dexerto shared how Dr Disrespect broke character after losing a $100 bet to a fan early in 2023.

In a recent CGSO stream, it happened again in a truly hilarious moment. Dr Disrespect collaborated with TimTheTatman, the two playing through the game together while chatting as normal. During one match, however, TimTheTatman’s in-game commentary was so funny that Doc completely broke character. Pushing himself away from his desk and doubling over in laughter.

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Dr Disrespect breaks character while streaming CGSO with TimTheTatman

While it appears that Doc quickly recovers from the moment, he then begins laughing even harder. Those who watched the stream live loved the moment, with the chat filled with laughter and people pointing out how much they enjoyed watching the two together.

If the clip fails to load, be sure to check the 4:11:25 timestamp.

One YouTube user wrote, “Really love today’s stream, please play more csgo with timmy Doc, better yet, you need to make cs2 your main game when it’s released.”

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Another added, “Get Doc and Tim a show, this is the best duo since Laurel and Hardy sign this guy and get a podcast minimum.”

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