TimTheTatman regrets “sleeping” on CoD Mobile

YouTube: TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman went down a rabbit hole of watching CoD Mobile content creators, which convinced him to try the game.

Call of Duty Mobile launched in October 2019 and quietly took over the FPS community by storm. According to a VGC report in May 2022, CoD Mobile boasts a lifetime download total of 650 million players, which is more than six times what Warzone achieved in its first year.

Activision’s mobile game generated over a billion dollars, yet most mainstream Warzone 2 content creators have yet to give the game a chance or even know it exists, for that matter. CoD Mobile finally received recognition from MW2 and WZ2 players in January, as one of the game’s outlandish weapon skins went viral.

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TimTheTatman dove into watching CoD Mobile gameplay and came out with an entirely new perspective on the series.

TimTheTatman gets convinced to try CoD Mobile

Call of Duty mobile mapActivision
Call of Duty Mobile offers a similar experience to CoD Online, albeit on a smaller screen.

TimTheTatman watched YouTuber Bobby Plays play CoD Mobile, and the skins and gameplay shocked him.

“I have been sleeping. I am currently waking up, and I formerly apologize to anyone I said anything bad about CoD Mobile.”

CoD Mobile’s elaborate skins surprised the YouTuber, including a Dark Matter Krig and a FAMAS hot dog skin.

Tim also watched a weapon opening video and discovered the game’s animated weapon skins that get improved animations with each kill. For example, the AK-47 Kuromaku Prestige Skin has animated flowers and gains more flowers with each kill.

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Tim freaked out when Bobby used an AR with a kill animation of the enemy getting impaled with spikes.

“Look at the kill animation! I have to give this game a shot, I have to try.”

People in the chat told Tim that CoD Warzone Mobile is launching with Verdansk as a playable map. We don’t have a release date for the upcoming battle royale, but Tim is more than intrigued by the prospect.

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“Where have I been? I didn’t know there was a completely different battle royale that I could play with a mouse and keyboard on CoD Mobile.”

Tim concluded by claiming, “I am going to play CoD Mobile. If we have Verdansk with that type of gameplay style and those bundles and guns, I am there.”

If you want to give CoD Mobile a try as well, the game is available on iOS and Android devices.

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