Everything we know about Warzone Mobile: Map, player count, trailers, more

Warzone mobile jumping out of planeActivision

On March 10, 2022, Activision officially announced that Warzone would be coming to mobile after months of speculation. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming battle royale title.

Warzone was an instant hit with not only the Call of Duty player base but the wider gaming community at large. Two years later, it’s become a massively influential entry into the franchise, and the devs celebrated the two-year anniversary by announcing Warzone’s mobile experience.

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Here are all the details we have on Warzone Mobile so far.


Warzone Mobile trailers

Warzone Mobile’s first teaser trailer was released on September 8. The trailer revealed an official name for the game and confirmed Verdansk would be included as a playable map.

How to pre-register for Warzone Mobile

Players can pre-register for Warzone Mobile on the Warzone Mobile product page on the Google Play store. There will be a green “Register button on this page. Once you press the button, you are all set. From there, you will be notified once Warzone Mobile becomes available if you are one of the players chosen to play the game early.

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Does Warzone Mobile have a release date?

Warzone Mobile had been discussed for months prior to its official announcement. Job openings hinted at an upcoming new mobile experience in Call of Duty, but the announcement was saved for Warzone’s two-year anniversary on March 11.

Unfortunately, a release date hasn’t been provided yet. 

The very first Warzone Mobile Closed Alpha tests are now in the books, with many regions getting in on follow-up Beta periods as per the May 11 blog post. Though this testing phase is purely intended to “improve tuning, stress test matches, identify and fix bugs, as well as collect feedback and insights on all aspects of the game as new features come online.”

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Thus, it remains unclear when the handheld Battle Royale may launch. Though given its rollout, there’s a chance we may be able to access an early Beta period ahead of a full launch later down the line.

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile gameplay features

Warzone Mobile will feature 120 player lobbies, per the meta description of the website link. A fascinating facet of Warzone Mobile is how similar it’s going to play in comparison to traditional Warzone. It’s been two full years since the release of Call of Duty: Warzone and in that time, Raven Software has probably learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

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Through leaks, in particular, CoDPerseus, we know that Warzone Mobile is likely to contain all the major playlist options, although they might be rotated: Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads.

Also, CoDPerseus also revealed the expected costs of Loadout Drops, UAVs, and more — things are always subject to change though.

What maps will feature in Warzone Mobile?

Verdansk PrisonActivision
Warzone’s most iconic map returns to CoD.

Verdansk has featured throughout all of Warzone Mobile’s initial teasers, and on September 8, the teaser trailer confirmed the iconic map’s return. Another fan-favorite map may be on the way as well. On January 18, a leak revealed Rebirth Island is coming to the mobile battle royale experience.

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Activision removed Rebirth Island when Warzone 2 launched, and fans have been clamoring for a return since.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as further details emerge.

Will Warzone be in Call of Duty Mobile?

CoD Mobile gameplayActivision
CoD Mobile already has its own dedicated BR mode.

CoD Mobile already has its own battle royale for players to enjoy, and the game itself is incredibly popular. While it’s still early days yet, all discussions of Warzone Mobile have pointed towards the project being a standalone release, separate from the CoD Mobile application.

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Therefore, it’s unclear what might become of the existing CoD Mobile Battle Royale. It could exist alongside Warzone Mobile, or it may be scrapped entirely as Warzone Mobile comes into focus. We’ll have to wait and see what Activision has planned.

One thing we do know for certain is that Warzone Mobile will bring its only multiplayer component to the mix. Regular quickplay modes will be available for players to “test weapons and train for the main Battle Royale,” devs explained on November 21. Furthermore, this could serve as a way for players to level up their weapons without having to download and install a separate application in regular CoD Mobile.

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Will Warzone Mobile have crossplay and cross progression?

aerial view of warzone pacific caldera mapActivision
Could mobile phone users someday fight for battle royale supremacy in Caldera against PC and console players?

With development still fairly under wraps it’s impossible to tell whether Warzone’s mobile experience will have crossplay with other platforms down the line.

It would be fascinating to see Warzone Mobile progress carry over to regular Warzone on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but there’s no telling if this will ever happen.