TimTheTatman left furious as “crazy” Jailbreak spoils Warzone 2 nuke

YouTube: TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman attempted to complete the Champions Quest Contract, but a massive Jailbreak spoiled his team’s run.

With no way to currently track stats in Warzone 2, content creators have shifted their focus to chasing down Nukes instead of high-kill wins. Earning a Nuke in the battle royale is no easy feat either. Squads must complete the Champions Quest Contract, which requires players to collect three elements, plant a bomb, and then defend the bombsite until the Nuke detonates.

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Not only that, but squads need to win five straight matches before even earning a chance to attempt the Champions Quest Contract. After collecting all three elements, a Jailbreak respawns every player that died in the match.

In most cases, squads leave after getting eliminated, but it’s different when players have the rare opportunity to take down TimTheTatman. Nothing could have prepared Tim for an onslaught of enemies in the match’s final circle with a Nuke on the line.

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TimTheTatman’s Nuke run ruined by massive Jailbreak

Warzone 2 introduced the Nuke, and it took players a while to figure out how to complete it.

TimTheTatman teamed with his usual Nuke partners, NICKMERCS, Swagg, and Cloakzy, and triggered a Jailbreak by collecting the third element. The lobby spiked from 18 players to 51, putting Tim in an impossible position.

All the streamer’s teammates respawned, but being the only one with loadout weapons, essentially put the mission in Tim’s hands.

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Tim fought admirably, but the hoard of enemies proved too much for him.

“I have never seen a Jailbreak like that before. That went from 20 to 50-odd people just waiting for us to grab that final element; that was unreal, man.”

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Tim added, “this is one of the craziest Jailbreak experiences I have had in Warzone history.”

Dealing with stream snipers is a never-ending struggle for content creators, but maybe this is karma for Tim previously trying to sabotage a team’s Nuke run a few weeks earlier.

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