TimTheTatman tries to sabotage Warzone 2 player’s nuke, ends in disaster

YouTube: TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman and his usual Warzone 2 squad tried to sabotage an enemy team’s nuke attempt, but their plan hilariously backfired.

Earning a nuke in Warzone 2 is no small feat. Squads must win five straight games and then complete the Champions Quest in their sixth game. Completing the contract requires teams to collect three elements, arm a nuke, and then defend the bombsite before it detonates.

Warzone 2 content creators have tried to think outside of the box while attempting the challenge. One community member got a nuke only using melee weapons, while another streamer pulled it off without firing a single bullet.

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When a team is attempting the Champions Quest, one of the squad members has their location revealed to the entire lobby. TimTheTatman and his streaming partners took advantage of that and tried to sabotage a nuke run.

Warzone 2 characters in drop shipActivision
Warzone 2 characters in the drop ship.

TimTheTatman fails to stop a nuke in Warzone 2

TimTheTatman and his team stumbled across one of the three elements an opposing team needed to complete the nuke challenge.

Tim, Cloakzy, NICKMERCS, and Swagg camped in the supply closet holding the element and got on top of the shelf. Tim wanted to get revenge on stream snipers who ruined nuke attempts for them in the past.

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“You know what, this is going to be good for me, like a spiritual experience.”

The plan almost backfired as a drill charge scared Tim’s team out of the room. Everyone got back in the room, and Cloazky assured everyone that the drill charges wouldn’t get them, but he tragically miscalculated.

Four more drill charges pierced through the wall, taking out Tim and his teammates.

Tim yelled, “How did they know? I trusted you, bro. I feel like I just got betrayed.”

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Ironically, before everything went down, Tim alluded that the enemy knowing where they are and having drill charges could be as “bad as it gets.”

TimTheTatman and his teammates eventually won the match after winning their Gulag matches, but they failed to enact the revenge they were seeking.

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