Swagg highlights fastest killing weapon in Warzone Season 3 to dominate TTK

Swagg alongisde Warzone character with Nikita AVT rifleYouTube: Swagg/Activision

Warzone star and FaZe Clan member Swagg has highlighted what he believes is the fastest killing weapon in Season 3, but it does have some drawbacks. 

After long last, Raven Software released the Warzone Pacific Season 3 update on April 27, bringing in a whole host of map changes to Caldera alongside some much-needed weapon balancing.

The battle royale has seen an immediate shakeup in the wake of the update, with players experimenting with different snipers to find a replacement for the Modern Warfare Kar98 and Cold War’s Swiss K31.

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On top of the existing weapons being changed, two new guns have also been introduced in the form of the Nikita AVT assault rifle and M1916 Marksman Rifle. The former, which unlocks at level 31 in the battle pass, has already come in for some high praise from players, including Swagg.

player using nikita assault rifle in codActivision
Buffs and nerfs, along with the two new guns have shaken up the meta in Warzone Season 3.

The FaZe Clan star highlighted the new addition to the Warzone arsenal in his April 29 video, where he suggested that it is battle royale’s new king when it comes to eliminating enemies quickly.

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Swagg noted that the Nikita AVT follows the pattern set by other Vanguard assault rifles where, it kills fast and has “no recoil,” but also struggles to have true “AR range” like some of the alternatives.

He adds, though, that it “kills really fast up-close” thanks to its fire rate, and it might be one that we see turned into an SMG-like pick later down the line.

The new assault rifle has become a popular pick in Warzone already, and after a few days, a meta build has already taken over involving the popular MX Silencer, Hand Stop underbarrel, and Lengthened ammo attachments.

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If the weapon becomes too big of a headache, though, Raven may move to nerf it. For now, it’s well worth unlocking and using in-game if you’re wanting to keep up with the meta.