Warzone streamers convinced aim assist was secretly nerfed in Season 3 update

Warzone operator aiming down sightsActivision

A number of Warzone players and top streamers are convinced that, among the litany of changes made to the game with the arrival of Season 3, aim assist was secretly nerfed.

Season 3 saw some of the biggest changes to Warzone to date. Weapon balancing adjustments were made in abundance, new POIs and weapons arrived, and the gas mask animation was finally fixed.

While the Season 3 patch notes were extensive, detailing all of these changes and more, there is one possible nerf that some players believe has been kept under wraps.

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With the aim assist debate continuing to rage on after all these years, some think that Warzone devs Raven Software nerfed it for Season 3, without telling anybody.

One of the first to point out that something may have changed was the movement god himself, JoeWo, who asked: “Am I absolutely faded or did Aim Assist get nerfed?”

That wasn’t all, though, as a number of other players started to suggest the same may have happened.

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UK Warzone streamer WarsZ said that aim assist was “feeling weird.”

Meanwhile, New York Subliners streamer Swishem said that “aim assist is non-existent in this update.”

In March 2022, the Call of Duty: Vanguard developers Sledgehammer Games collaborated with Raven, claiming that there was aim assist issues across both CoD titles.

While Vanguard’s aim assist was fixed at the time of the announcement, Raven stressed that a fix would come to Warzone “in the coming weeks.”

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Whether this was the intended fix that Raven already announced, or a different issue altogether, isn’t clear.