How Warzone’s Operation Monarch LTM works: New BR mode explained

King Kong in Warzone PacificActivision

Godzilla and King Kong are invading Caldera and in Operation Monarch, Warzone players are given the chance to fight back. Featuring a new killstreak, some new mechanics, and a whole lot of chaos, this is what you need to know before jumping into a game. 

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific is set for a shot of adrenaline with the arrival of Operation Monarch.

This Limited-Time mode will give players a chance to wield a whole new level of power as they take on the rest of the competition.

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It might look like a lot to understand at first, but unlike Godzilla, the rough exterior isn’t as tough as it looks.

What is Operation Monarch?

Warzone Operation Monarch graphicActivision
Operation Monarch takes center stage in Season 3.

Just like Iron Trials or Totally Normal Battle Royale, Operation Monarch is set inside of a regular BR structure but adds the devastating power of the literal Titans of film into the mix.

In this game mode, players will have to avoid the wrath of both Godzilla and King Kong all while attempting to outplay other squads and earn themselves the coveted new S.C.R.E.A.M. killstreak.

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How do you win in the Operation Monarch LTM?

The objective doesn’t change from a normal match in Caldera: you’re still fighting to be the last team standing.

There are a few new mechanics to get used to but experienced Warzone players will pick it up in no time.

Monarch’s structure is very similar to the old Power Grab LTM from Verdansk ’84, so if that rings a bell then you already know what to expect.

New mechanics

kong in warzone operation monarchActivision
Dealing damage to Kong could net you the new killstreak.

Titan Frenzy occurs at the beginning of the lobby and again later in the game. During this time, both of the eponymous titans will begin to attack around the map.

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During this time, players can either turn their tail and run or attempt to fight back. While both strategies have risks and rewards, the squad that does the most damage to a titan will be rewarded with the S.C.R.E.A.M. device.

This new killstreak allows players to unleash the power of the giant of their choice on enemies teams in a designated area.

For more info on the device, check out our guide here.

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New unlock system

One of the biggest changes from BR is that killstreaks and loadouts are now earned through drops of Monarch Intel.

These pickups can be found in Supply Boxes, on the bodies of fallen players, and on certain supply drops around the map.

You’ll collect this Intel and cash it in to unlock the aforementioned bonuses, as well as the new killstreak.

That’s everything there is to know about the Operation Monarch LTM. For information on the entire event, check out our complete recap here.

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If you’re looking to cop Godzilla/Mecha Godzilla/King Kong Operator skins, then we also have a guide on how to do that as well.